October 5 strike: what disruptions?

For the first national mobilization of the start of the school year, several unions (CGT, FO, Solidaires, FSU …) are calling for a strike on October 5. Some disturbances are to be expected, especially in transport.

To the SNCF, the circulation of TGV, Thalys, Eurostar and Lyria will be “normal”, while the traffic of Intercités, Transilien and TER will be “almost normal”, with “possible local adaptations”, indicated the management of the railway group. However, in Normandy, TER traffic “will be disrupted,” SNCF said.

To the RATP, “The traffic will be normal” on the “metro, RER (A and B) and tramway networks, except the T3 A tram which will be very disturbed”, declared a spokesperson for the Ile-de-France public transport authority. Bus traffic will be “slightly disrupted”, he added.

The towns of Reindeer, Marseilles, Bordeaux or Toulouse also announce disruptions on their transport network. No disruption is to be expected at airports.

Call to demonstrate among teachers

Several national education unions including SNUiPP-FSU are calling on nursery and elementary school teachers to mobilize. In the first stage, it is up to “each teacher to declare his intention to take part in the strike at least forty-eight hours including at least one working day before taking part in the strike”, specifies the Sud Education union.

The call to strike also concerns municipal staff who often manage canteens or after-school care. Some of these places may therefore be closed, as will be the case in Metz, for example.

At the Post Office, we can also expect local disruptions, especially in mail delivery. Other public services may be affected after the call of five public service federations to demonstrate.

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