Ocon vs Verstappen: I’m Team Verstappen

Pierre Gasly, the French driver who won a grand prize and has a colleague in Esteban Ocon at Alpine, is navigating an uncertain future. He does not have a contract renewal and is unsure if he will stay with the team or move to another one.

“My team is looking at all the options, so we’ll see,” he said in an interview. “The market is clear right now, and there are conversations happening. I don’t want to talk too much until it’s all decided and announced, but it’s heading in the right direction.”

Gasly expressed frustration with Alpine’s decline this season, attributing it to the team’s lack of development, which has left them behind as other teams have improved.

“It’s not just one thing, it’s not just the engine, it’s not just the chassis, it’s not just the aerodynamics,” he said. “It’s a bit of everything – the mechanical group, a bit of aerodynamics, a bit of efficiency, less resistance, more load, better tire usage, a bit more engine performance. And when you add it all up, the gap becomes a bit bigger. I think we need to be stronger in all areas.”

Gasly’s teammate, Esteban Ocon, is a fellow Frenchman who has also struggled this season, leading Gasly to acknowledge that Ocon is fast but not as fast as Max Verstappen, his new teammate.

“Esteban is fast, Max is fast – we’re all from the same generation,” he said. “I have a good relationship with Max and no relationship with Esteban, but they’re both good drivers. Max is a three-time world champion, and Esteban isn’t a world champion. So obviously, as a driver, Max is definitely the best or one of the best for many years.”

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In his free time, Gasly is a fan of Paris Saint-Germain and a friend of star player Kylian Mbappé, who has recently joined Real Madrid.

“I’m a PSG fan, so his departure has broken my heart,” Gasly said. “I know him well and he’s incredible, unique, one of the best. Now Madrid is very strong. I wish him the best because he’s going to turn La Liga into something special. It’s like Hamilton’s signing for Ferrari – a big change and a new challenge.”

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