Home Sports Ocampo’s serious injury causes movements in the offices of Cádiz CF

Ocampo’s serious injury causes movements in the offices of Cádiz CF

Ocampo's serious injury causes movements in the offices of Cádiz CF

The Cádiz club has confirmed this morning that the footballer will miss the rest of the season due to an injury that will force him to undergo surgery

This morning the worst of the news has been confirmed. Brian Ocampo will miss the remainder of the season in the Cadiz CF after medical tests revealed an anterior cruciate ligament injury and bone edema in his right knee. This injury will force the footballer to undergo surgery in the next few hours, missing the remainder of the Santander League season.

Without a doubt, it is a hard setback for the footballer himself, for the squad and for the fans, as he was one of the most outstanding players in the second half of the league championship. But now there is no other option than to look to the future and the possibility of going to the transfer market is already being contemplated so that Cádiz CF is reinforced with a footballer with characteristics similar to those of Ocampo.

Ocampo will be out until the end of the season

The footballer that Cádiz CF has within range after Ocampo’s injury

At the moment, with the transfer market closed, the only option that exists is to sign one of the players who is without a team. Of all, the one that best fits what Cádiz CF is looking for after Ocampo’s injury It’s Ayrton Preciado. And it is that it treats of a footballer that evolves like extreme left and that could help the team to obtain the salvation.

Currently, after ending his relationship with Santas Laguna, the Ecuadorian international is without a team. Likewise, it should be noted that Ayrton Preciado has a Spanish passport, which would facilitate the procedures for his incorporation into the team. But for the moment The sports management of Cádiz CF has not made a decision.

Ayrton Preciado, like crazy to sign for Cádiz CF

As far as the Ecuadorian footballer is concerned, he would be excited about the possibility of joining Cádiz CF. He only has a brief experience in Portuguese football, developing the rest of his career in South America. But now, at the age of 28, he considers that it is time to make the leap to Europe and try his luck in the old continent.

As we have commented, due to characteristics Ayrton Preciado is one of the free agents most similar to the Uruguayan footballer. but he will be Cádiz CF the one who decides if he will sign after Ocampo’s injury. At the moment everything is doubt, because there is a division of opinions. Of course, the fans seem to be clear that a signing to cover his loss would not be bad, because they ask to put all the meat on the grill to achieve permanence in the Santander League.

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