Ocampos drops Atleti from LaLiga

Madrid is only chased by Sevilla. The Atleti no longer. An Atleti who, if he traveled to Nervión with the ambition to return to the past, to regain his step as champion on the day, the right place, He came face to face again with his current present: killed in two shots. But it is so easy to score a goal, to find a crack. The one from Ocampos, in 88 ‘, was Sevilla’s second shot on goal that night. Rakitic bounced the corner, Delaney headed it to the crossbar, Koundé fought the rebound and the Argentine, point-blank, sent it to the back of the net through the squad. 2-1. The dead Atleti. Defeat to defeat. For the first time with Cholo, they are three in a row in the League.

And that, that, had appeared in Nervión with the profile of a champion. There was Lemar, there were Correa, Suárez, the LaLiga forwards. And there was Trippier, on the side, back, to give Llorente flight, at last a few steps forward. It didn’t last long, however. Sevilla soon twisted it: the game was still in the scoring when Rakitic, with a shoe, burst the board and the gesture to Simeone.

The Croatian received a ball from Delaney past the front and looked up at Oblak’s squad. He waited for Koke to pass and kicked. He hit him with the instep, hit him with the soul. The ball flew, powerful, precise, as if pushed by all the Pizjuán, which exploded when it saw how it was stamped in the net, Oblak defeated, with nothing to do. Right hand, great goal. It would take Atleti to recover from the blow. Because you can try, try to walk on your champion boots. But you scratch a little and you know: he lacks a lot, he lacks Savic. And, without Savic, Atleti has open days towards their goal. As fragile as a soap bubble, so little Atleti, with the goalkeeper so human. That behind. Ahead is not much better either, although all those men who were were the names of LaLiga. They did not connect, they did not meet. Without winning a split ball, without spilling a spark of talent. Lopetegui imposed his law without too much either. Control, ball and Rakitic.

But Montiel’s injury, another one for an already full infirmary, forced him to move Koundé to the right side to give Gudelj in. Sevilla broke down. And Felipe put his head into a corner thrown by Lemar to return Atleti to the game with what he had taken: an unexpected goal. The board was equalized. Also in the casualties. Now it was Simeone who saw one of his own raise his arm: Llorente. His lips read: “Broken”. Sevilla came to rest like Atleti in the first half hour: disappeared.

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With João

Photo by João Félix

When the second part began, João Félix walked among the men of Cholo. Correa sat down, changed the rojiblanco system, 4-3-3, with Carrasco as the right winger and Lemar left. Atleti commanded, had the ball, all intention. Lopetegui at eight minutes replied with the entry of Acuña and Rafa Mir and also another system: five behind, three centrals. Rakitic slammed a ball into the side of the net as he searched for the squad before his team’s legs were filled with lactic acid.

Because the Andalusians collapsed, melted, without physique. And that João’s entrance had been pure foam, off soon after. But Lopetegui seemed to raise the white flag. The fear of losing sent more than the desire to win. Atleti tried to grab a match from the chest that got stuck, with Cunha looking for balls and unchecked at the feet of Bono with the hunger of Carpanta and instead of Suarez, who was denying and swearing in Aramaic.

Sevilla responded with heart after seeing how Acuña left the game, injured again. So did Ocampos, on a stretcher. But before, in 88 ‘, he had already launched himself on that corner to leave Atleti, and Cholo, on the canvas. So far already. From Madrid. Of himself.


(‘, Lucas Ocampos), Gudelj (28 ‘, Montiel), From paul (39 ‘, Marcos Llorente), João Felix (45 ‘, Correa), Marcos Acuña (53 ‘, Joan Jordán), Rafa mir (53 ‘, Iván Romero), Matheus cunha (56 ‘, Luis Suárez), Munir (83 ‘, Papu Gómez), Augustinsson (84 ‘, Marcos Acuña)


1-0, 6 ‘: Rakitic, 1-1, 32 ‘: Felipe Monteiro, 2-1, 87 ‘: Lucas Ocampos


Referee: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea
VAR Referee: Xavier Estrada Fernández
Rekik (65 ‘, Yellow) Papu Gomez (67 ‘, Yellow) Montiel (68 ‘, Yellow) Matheus cunha (95 ‘, Yellow

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