The magnificent goalkeeper has exhausted his hopes and takes the exit from behind

Jan Oblak apart from being one of the best goalkeepers in the world, he has been one of the legendary that will pass and remain in the history of the Athletic. Be a valuable link with the mattress club it’s nearing completion, and it could come sooner rather than later. The Slovenian has a contract in force until 2023But the start of next year could be the date the gatekeeper says goodbye to the Wanda.

The reasons for the difficult decision that the Balkan goalkeeper will make do not go through the economic but for what sports. And it is that Oblak’s ambitions are those of a world-class player. The goalkeeper does not want to retire from professional football, without first having raised the trophy of the Champions League. For this reason, he does not stay any longer in the staff of Simeone, since he himself believes that there is no longer a chance.

Oblak Athletic
Oblak will say goodbye to Atlético as one of the best goalkeepers in mattress history.

Oblak’s elusive goal that he will not be able to achieve while at Atlético according to him

The goalkeeper has decided to leave Atlético because he thinks that being in the project that Simeone leads year after year, he will not achieve his precious goal. Oblak has exhausted his hopes but above all his patience, and he himself has tried to say that the strategies that his coach continues to implement are not effective.

The present of it gives the reason to the Slovenian, if we look at the current situation of the mattress club in this Champions League. Although Atlético is not eliminated, if they are last in their group, and the classification to the next round will depend on third parties. This is what the Balkan goal refers to when he argues his reasons why he will leave Wanda.

The Premier League, the perfect setting for Oblak after failing to achieve his goal at Atlético

Oblak, like many footballers in the world, know the potential that English football has, and the high probability that their teams will be crowned international champions. In fact, England is the second most winning country in the Champions League, with 14 titles won by: Liverpool (6), Manchester United (3), Nottingham (3), Chelsea (2) and Aston Villa (1).

In the case of Oblak, the teams most interested in the Slovenian goalkeeper are precisely two of the most successful in the Premier League. We are talking about Manchester United, who are looking to replace De Gea, and Chelsea FC, who are beginning to have doubts about Edouard Mendy. Either of the two objectives is well received by the colchonero goal, but it will be Atlético himself who decides with whom to do business.


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