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Oblak gives Atlético reasons to look for an emergency substitute

Fear takes over the Mattress environment again and activates the alarms

What has been feared since the beginning of this year will apparently be fulfilled in this summer market, the goalkeeper Jan Oblak could get out of Athletic early. Even though his contract ends in the 2023, the goalkeeper gives indications that he wants to leave in this same transfer window. Besides, his agent does not want to meet with the sports management for the renewal.

This attitude of Slovenian is not new, since since January, and even since last year, he has shown signs of wanting to leave the Madrid club. His reasons were purely sports, since the goal’s biggest dream is to become Champion of the Champions Leagueand with the rojiblanco team it has not been possible.

Atletico Oblak
One of the reasons why Oblak wants to leave Atlético has to do with the Champions League.

Andrea Berta’s task is quite difficult if Jan Oblak leaves Atlético this summer

As usual, the Colchonero club will have a very tight agenda due to its participation in LaLiga, Cup and Champions League. Berta and Simeone know that they need a large squad to face the three tournaments optimally and not have injuries or physical overload. Without the services of the Slovenian, the pottery is quite uncovered.

The appearances and performances given by the former Benfica goalkeeper have not only captivated the fans and the Atletico coaching staff, but have also remained in Atlético’s golden history. The Slovenian knows that he is on the walk of fame for being one of the best goalkeepers that the Madrid team has ever had. Thinking of replacing him is an arduous task.

Is Manchester United behind Jan Oblak’s departure from Atlético?

Although the English club has not expressed its interest in the Slovenian goalkeeper again, it was the one that insisted the most in the last winter and summer markets. The most worrying thing is that Oblak seems to have winked at them and gave them signs of wanting to say yes. The theory of the Colchonera sports management is that if nothing happens in this transfer window, it is because Manchester United wants him for free in 2023.

The problem is that the goalkeeper does not want to renew since that means that Old Trafford will close the doors on him. A great dilemma awaits Berta and all the directors of the Madrid team with the Jan Oblak case. For now, the only thing they can do is have the goalkeeper for the preseason and maybe enjoy him in his last season.

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