OAS creates a group that will support the preparation of elections in Haiti

The Organization of American States (OAS) approved yesterday Friday to create a working group, made up of member countries of the organization, to support the Government of Haiti in the preparation of a possible electoral process.

Through a resolution approved by acclamation, the OAS stipulated the creation of the group, no later than February 22, so that it maintains a dialogue with the Haitian Executive and finds how to support it in the preparations for “inclusive, free, fair elections.” and credible, as well as a democratic transition”.

The OAS also urged the countries of the region to provide assistance to the Haitian authorities to restore order and security in the Caribbean country. Haiti has requested support from both the OAS and the UN to contain the violence in the country, which has escalated since the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in mid-2021.

international force

Port-au-Prince has argued that it needs the support of an international security force to stabilize the country, plagued by gang violence, which controls 60% of the capital, according to UN estimates.

Last week, the Haitian ambassador to the OAS, Charles Leon, reiterated before the plenary session of the organization that he needs foreign forces to be sent to his territory to contain the violence and guarantee security in an eventual electoral process.

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