Nzosa: a promise that he will be able to play for Spain … with 23 years

The Spanish Basketball Federation advanced about a year ago the possible nationalization of Yannick Nzosa. So reported ACE, which revealed that the new jewel of Unicaja, who had burst like thunder into the ACB at just 16 years old, had a fantastic predisposition to play for Spain. This fact, supported by its surroundings, ended up pushing the FEB to initiate the procedures for a nationalization. Nevertheless, the process has slowed down, as the Council of Ministers has not granted nationalizations by letter of nature since Aymeric Laporte received her to play the soccer Eurocup.

This card is the one that was used with Serge Ibaka so that he began to play with Spain. It is necessary that the Council of Ministers approve the nationalization for it to swear the Constitution and appear in the BOE as a nationalized player. The only but is that, being over 16 years old, Nzosa will have to play in the national teams as naturalized, that is, in the same condition that happened with Mirotic or Ibaka. Which raises the same problem that we already know: there can only be one per call according to the FIBA ​​regulations.

Now, there is another added problem that conforms to the FIBA ​​regulations. The highest international basketball body has recently approved a very forceful measure to contain the massive plunder of young players to poor countries. In the case of Nzosa, there is already a three-course residence in Malaga and a settlement in the country. Nevertheless, It was ruled by the entity that governs basketball that for the nationalizations of players over 16 years old, they would not be allowed to play for their new country until they were 23 years old.

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This is the case of Yannick Nzosa, who debuted with 16 and is now on his way to 18, it would not be until 2026 when he could play with the National Team. With five years ahead, a lot can swing in the player’s career and priorities. But, for now, the process of nationalization as Spaniard of Yannick Nzosa continues, now the second pivot in Fotis Katsikaris’ rotation at Unicaja after Micheal Eric. We will see how the case of one of the young promises of basketball is solved, that points to number 1 of the NBA Draft 2022 and that he has a great career to offer.

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