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Nvidia deceived us all: swapped its CEO for a 3D model and no one saw it

Earlier this year, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang showed up in his kitchen to give a press conference about the company’s latest technology.

But while this part of the talk looks identical to the rest, it was very different: the kitchen, the CEO, and even his leather jacket were entirely computer generated.

Like many companies, Nvidia chose to hold online press conferences during the coronavirus pandemic. Huang made several announcements for his kitchen, so no one was surprised when he showed up at the last April conference where the Nvidia Omniverse system was discussed.

Nvidia now explained how did you create the computer generated video segment in a blog post.

Engineers scanned the face and body of the Nvidia CEO to created a 3D model of Huang and programmed it to mimic his gestures and expressions. This clone delivered part of the opening speech, with a seamless transition from the real character.

Here’s the video explaining how it was done, see if you can see the difference:

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