Nvidia CEO warns: Don’t learn to program, AI has made it obsolete.

Starting out as a preeminent graphics card maker, Nvidia has now become an artificial intelligence giant valued at nearly $2 trillion. This growth is largely due to growing demand for its accelerator cards, which are essential for training advanced language models like ChatGPT.

Jensen Huang, the billionaire founder and CEO of Nvidia, has become one of the richest people in the world with a fortune of almost $70 billion. His most recent participation in the World Government Summit in Dubai revealed his vision about the future in this new reality of artificial intelligence and its impact on our careers.

At the event, Huang shared his thoughts on the paradigm shift in education and workforce skills. According to him, The old premise of learning to code or teaching kids to code that has prevailed over the last decade is outdated.


We are all programmers

Paradoxically, recent advances in the technology industry are leading to internal automation, reducing the need for technology professionals and reducing long-term employment opportunities in the sector. Huang expressed his view as follows:

For the last 10 or 15 years, virtually everyone in this scenario has told you that it is important for their children to learn computer science. That everyone should learn to program. And in fact, it’s almost the opposite.

It is our job to create computer technology so that no one has to program and the programming language is human. Everyone in the world is a programmer now. This is the miracle of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has already shown that tasks that would normally take weeks can be completed in minutes. While we haven’t reached that point yet, we’re quickly heading toward a development that could change our technology career plans within a few years.

Instead of learning to code, it makes more sense to specialize in a specific industry or profession to understand its problems and possible future improvements. Artificial intelligence will always be at your side, but your expertise in the field is crucial to asking the right questions and getting the best possible answers.

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