Nusrat Jahan ran away from home with Yash Das Gupta, the actress told her love story

You must have heard many stories related to TMC MP and Bollywood actress Nusrat Jahan. Sometimes she came to Parliament applying vermilion, and other times she entered the spotlight on the news of the pregnancy after her illegal marriage. There was a lot of uproar over Nusrat Jahan’s illegal marriage and the name of her son’s father. Nusrat didn’t answer anyone’s questions until father Yash Das Gupta’s name on his son’s birth certificate went viral. Nusrat and Yash’s love story has been very controversial from the beginning.

In such a situation, people are eager to know their love story and now that all things in Nusrat’s life have returned to normal, Nusrat is also not shy away from expressing his love openly. Recently, Nusrat herself made her fans aware of her love story.

In fact, Yash had come to his Ishq radio show with Nusrat as a special guest. Then Nusrat asked Yash a question about their love story. Nusrat said: Yash, tell how our love story began, about what Yash said: you tell yourself. Nusrat answered and said: I ran away with you. Completing his point, Nusrat said: I ran away with you, this show is just about this. My love, my choice. I fell in love with you, it was my choice, and then everything is history.

Speaking about love, Nusrat also shared what love means to her. Nusrat said – According to me, love is a chemical reaction in the brain, which forces you to do stupid things. With this, Yash also while talking about love and relationship said: Everything is fine between 2 people until a third person comes between them. So that third person can be anyone. This Nusrat show went viral on social media as soon as it arrived. Because this is the first time that Nusrat has spoken openly about herself and Yash’s relationship.

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