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Nuria Rubio, close to Cendón, leaves the leadership of the Socialist Group and Rosa Rubio and Yolanda Sacristán join

Nuria Rubio, afín a Cendón, deja la dirección del Grupo Socialista y se incorporan Rosa Rubio y Yolanda Sacristán



The Salamanca lawyer Rosa Rubio and the Leonese Yolanda Sacristán join the leadership of the Socialist Parliamentary Group, in which the Valladolid Patricia Gómez Urbán remains as deputy speaker, as well as the Segovians José Luis Vázquez and Alicia Palomo and the Palencia Consolación Pablos. On the contrary, Nuria Rubio, organizing secretary of the PSOE of León, is leaving him.

The Secretary General of the PSCyL, Luis Tudanca, announced this Monday the changes in the leadership of the parliamentary group, after the meeting of the Plenum of the Autonomous Executive Commission, which was also attended by the president of the party, Eduardo Morán, as well as the autonomous secretary of the organization, Ana Sánchez , in addition to the majority of its members.

In addition, José Luis Vázquez remains second deputy speaker and Yolanda Sacristán, in charge of public service matters, moves to the fourth position. The organizational chart is completed by Consolación Pablos, lawyer for Palencia, and Alicia Palomo, representative for Segovia.

So far, the group’s six exclusive dedications have been to its speaker Luis Tudanca and to the deputy speaker Patricia Gómez from Valladolid; Nuria Rubio from Leon and José Luis Vázquez and Alicia Palomo from Segovia, in addition to the vacancy of Ángel Hernández from Soriano.

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