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Nuria Piera and other relatives together with friends say goodbye to Sonia Piera

Nuria Piera and other relatives together with friends say goodbye to Sonia Piera

Sonia Piera was fired this Wednesday of sadness for her family, especially for her inseparable sister Nuria. Friends and relatives also went to say their last goodbyes at the funeral home or at the cemetery.

Sonia died last Tuesday, February 8, at the age of 63, due to complications from lung cancer that was diagnosed a year and three months ago.

The funeral honors took place at the Blandino Funeral Home on Luperón Avenue from the early hours of this Wednesday morning, while his body was cremated and later transferred to the Puerta del Cielo cemetery.

“My dear sister, how grateful I am to you, you know it; how grateful I am that God understood that I needed such a sister, and he sent her to me; how grateful I am for your support, for your strength, for your love towards family, for how responsible you were at work, how obsessive you were with work; thanks for teaching me so much; thank you also for having learned from all of us; Thank you for having existed and existing forever in our hearts, ”Nuria Piera expressed in her sad farewell.

Raquel Arbaje, wife of President Luis Abinader, as well as the Minister of Culture Milagros Germán, as well as communicators Jatnna Tavárez, Zoila Puello, Mariasela Alvarez, Zoila Puello, Tania Báez, Luz García, Faride Raful, Laura de la Walnut and Ana Rosina Troncoso.

Likewise, Domingo Bermúdez, CEO of Color Vision, as well as Ángel Laureano, director of the television station, the company through which Nuria Piera broadcasts her Saturday program “Nuria Investigación Periodística”.

Likewise, the artists Julio Sabala, José Antonio Rodríguez, Mónika Despradel, Olga Lara and Angelito Villalona,

Other personalities in attendance were Manuel Estrella, Angelita Elmúdesi, Rafael Ovalles, Pilar Beras, Yadira Morel, Néstor Caro, Inés Aizpún and Diómedes Núñez Polanco.

Wilfredo Álvarez Piera, one of Sonia’s children, took a walk with her mother’s ashes, moving them to the niche where they will be housed, in the presence of her other relatives, including the journalist Nuria Piera and her daughter.

Sonia and Nuria founded the television production company Promovideo SA, where the deceased was an administrator until lung cancer separated her from her work.

They embarked on the production of the investigative program “Nuria en el 9”, today “Nuria Investigación Periodística”, as well as other television and everyday life projects.

+ The feeling of Nuria Piera

In the cemetery, Nuria described her sister as a protective mother, who was “scolding, controlling, but above all, very loving and affectionate” always looking out for her and the whole family.

“Each of us must have an experience with my sister, and we laugh for those who may not know that she was very special. She was very open, my sister had no filter. She was the support for us, the mother of all of us, the scolding, controlling, affectionate mother, she felt that she had to protect her family first and foremost, “Nuria said.

He also recalled that the day his sister was diagnosed with cancer, more than a year ago, they went to have lunch at a restaurant “because she was like that"with a positive attitude towards life.

"I think that at first she had the faith that she could overcome this, but later she realized that she was not going to be able to, something inside her said so, and that’s how I felt it too, “he said.

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