Home Sports Nuria Iturrioz wins the first edition of La Sella Open

Nuria Iturrioz wins the first edition of La Sella Open

Nuria Iturrioz wins the first edition of La Sella Open

The Spanish Nuria Iturrioz was proclaimed winner of the first edition of the La Sella Open golftournament corresponding to Ladies European Tour (LET) that has been played in the province of Alicante, after beating the German Laura Fuenfstueck on the second hole of the final playoff.

The two players faced the final fate having completed the first three days with a total of 205 strokes, eleven under par for the course. In the case of Iturrioz, he had just finished Sunday with 67 impacts from an eagle on the twelfth hole, 5 birdies and 2 bogeys.

For his part, Fuenfstueck, who had signed a good performance on Saturday, finished with 5 birdies and 1 bogey in his last round. She also had the opportunity to proclaim herself champion in the outcome of it, but the putt that would have given him the victory with another birdie caressed the hole without entering.

A second playoff hole was needed.

In this way, both competed for the title with a one-on-one at 18, a par 5 that ended even after the first attempt when the two contenders sealed it with a birdie. It was different in the second, where a bad start He penalized the German by sending her to an area of ​​low palm trees. His final bogey was countered by Iturrioz with a pair, despite having fallen into a bunker along the way.

Extremely happy.

the golfer attended the Royal Spanish Golf Federation after finishing the tournament in Alicante, showing his happiness after breaking a long drought without titles.

“I am happy, immensely happy. I have fought for the victory until the last moment and not letting my guard down is what has made me win. Because in many moments he saw him lost, he saw that the reaction had not finished materializing. But, on the 12th hole, I told myself that I had to change. And so it was, bravely. The final two birdies before the playoff and the birdie on the first of the playoff holes, more than decisive. I share the prize with everyone, but I dedicate it to my grandmother, who today is her birthday”, the Balearic golfer said with a huge smile on her face.

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