NuPhy Air75 review: Ideal mechanical keyboard for portability

Mechanical keyboards and portability don’t usually go hand in hand. For those who want the best of both worlds, there are already some solutions on the market, such as the NuPhy Air75.

This mechanical keyboard is presented as low profile, And nothing less. It has a thickness between 16 and 21 mm, and PBT keys that according to the brand are the thinnest in the world. All this with hot-swap function, RGB lighting and the possibility of using it wirelessly. We’ll get to know it better below, and I’ll give you my opinion after using it for a week.

NuPhy Air75

NuPhy Air75 Key Features

  • ANSI 75% design
  • 84 ultra-thin PBT keys
  • Low Profile Hot Swappable Mechanical Gateron Switches
  • USB-C cable, 2.4G and Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • 2500mAh battery
  • aluminum frame V2
  • Rear and side RGB lighting
  • MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS compatibility
  • Dimensions: 315.7mm x 132.6mm x 16.0mm
  • Weight: 523 grams
  • Possibility of attaching to the NuFolio V2 case

Unpacking NuPhy Air75

The NuPhy Air75 offers a very interesting unboxing experience. The box comes with a character that seems to be taken from an anime, and that I suppose is one of the brand’s mascots.

NuPhy Air75

Inside we find the keyboard ready to use, but also some accessories. We’ve got the USB-C to USB-A charging cable, extra keys for Windows, two feet in case you want to lift the back of the keyboard, various switches to test, and the tool to change switches or keys.

NuPhy Air75

My take on the NuPhy Air75

design and construction

The Air75 is NuPhy’s interpretation of what a slim mechanical keyboard should be. In the field of construction, the brand opts for an aluminum alloy frame, matt background with a shiny stainless steel identification plate.

But the highlight are the PBT keys that, according to the brand, are the thinnest in the world, at 4.6 mm. This makes it, in my opinion, the perfect keyboard for anyone who wants a relatively slim keyboard, but doesn’t want to give up the mechanical keyboard experience.

NuPhy Air75

The keys that the brand has called COAST use a spherical design similar to the SA profile. The brand wanted the area of ​​contact with the finger to be large enough, and that shows in the typing experience. It should be noted that the name COAST is inspired by the color combination of this keyboard, which is reminiscent of the beach. The only less positive point is that there is no Portuguese layout option, which is typical American layout.

The fact that this keyboard is between 16 and 21mm was one of the things I liked the most. I’ve always had a soft spot for mechanical keyboards. And being able to couple that with a relatively slim profile is something I really like. Also because it helps with portability.

NuPhy Air75


Personalization is one of the highlights of this product. This has the version light that I tested, with the center made up of white keys. But there is also the version Twilight where these are made up of light gray keys.

Within this customization is the fact that it is compatible with Mac Is windows. It comes with a Mac-ready layout, but in the box you will find three extra keys, if you are a Windows OS user.

NuPhy Air75

Also noteworthy is the second generation of feet of air. This basically allows you to use this keyboard as a replacement for any MacBook keyboard or most laptops on the market as it fits perfectly.

All keys and switches on this keyboard are hot-swappable. This means they can be easily swapped or replaced, even with the keyboard working. The three switches included in the box are just 3 examples in case you prefer another typing experience.

NuPhy Air75

By default, the keyboard comes with Gateron Low-Profile Red switches. But in the box we also find Blue and Brown.


Obviously, this brings us to the experience of typing with this keyboard. It obviously requires a learning curve, as with any keyboard. If only because it does not have a Portuguese design.

NuPhy Air75

But after getting used to it, it’s hard to want to go back. The brand recommends these switches both for gamers and for those who spend the day working in an office environment, as is my case. And I would say that they end up providing a good balance for both uses.

They deliver an experience that just tastes good, and the noise from the keys doesn’t bother you in the slightest. Below I share a video, where you can understand what the normal noise of the keys is like with the original switches.

Turning on

An interesting detail of this keyboard is the side lighting, which ends up giving it its identity. When the keyboard is idle, it hides inside the frame. When it’s active, look at it immediately without having to move.

The light on the left side tells you when caps lock and connection mode is on. The right light tells users the battery level and system mode. When we activate the gradient light mode, they illuminate the keyboard as if it were a kind of wave of colors.

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NuPhy Air75

It should also be noted that the backlight has five levels of intensity (or off) and has 21 color effects that we can toggle with a simple key combination. Also, Windows users can use the brand software to customize the lighting effects.


On this keyboard, connectivity is left to the customer’s discretion. You can use it the traditional way, with the included USB-C to USB-A cable in the box. But if you want to use it wirelessly, you’ll be able to connect up to four devices via Bluetooth.

NuPhy Air75

Let’s imagine that you want to connect it to a Mac, a Windows PC and a tablet, it is possible. For those who want higher stability and low latency, they should use the included 2.4G dongle. If that’s not your thing, this one has Bluetooth 5.0.

I have always used it connected by bluetooth to the Mac and the iPad and I have never had connectivity problems. Of course, if you are going to play on a Windows PC, I advise you to connect it via dongle or cable.

NuPhy Air75


This keyboard comes with a considerable battery, if we take into account its thickness. The brand has placed a 2500 mAh battery inside, with the thickness of the keyboard between 16 and 21 mm.

Even so, the brand promises autonomy that can reach 48 hours of use. This means that you will be able to use the keyboard without charging it for a week. In my experience, that is what happened.

NuPhy Air75

NuFolio V2 Accessory

Optionally, you can purchase the NuFolio V2 that you see in the images. At its base, this can double as a great case to carry your keyboard around if you travel a lot. But when it’s unfolded, it can be a great tool for using your keyboard attached to your tablet or smartphone.

NuPhy Air75

The brand has added a magnetic system, where the Air75 feels like a glove. That way, you can place your iPad and/or smartphone and continue your productivity on the go. It is an accessory that requires an additional cost of 19 dollars, but that may make sense for some users.

NuPhy Air75

Conclusion on the NuPhy Air75

For those who want a keyboard low profile but you don’t want to give up having a mechanical keyboard, this is an almost perfect keyboard. It has an attractive design, a good build, and the fact that it’s hot-swappable means you can customize it and change keys or switches.

It provides a good typing experience, has decent battery life, and the lighting helps make it good to use at night. The fact that it’s low-profile helps with portability, making it ideal for taking with you everywhere. If that’s one of your goals, buying the NuFolio V2 cover separately might be a good option. Up to 4 devices can be connected via 2.4G and Bluetooth dongle.

NuPhy Air75

Of course, not everything is perfect. The fact that it does not have a Portuguese layout option can be a drawback for some users, as it requires a higher learning curve. But if that’s not a problem for you, you’ll be fine.

The NuPhy Air75 is on sale on the brand’s website for $109.95. But if you use the code “4gnews”, you can save $11 and get it for only $98.95. The NuFolio V2 Skin can be purchased separately for $19,

Learn more about NuPhy Air75 pricing and shipping

NuPhy Air75

Strengths of NuPhy Air75

  • Attractive design that stands out on any desktop.
  • Compact form factor for a mechanical keyboard
  • RGB lighting that provides customization
  • Hot-swappable function that allows you to interchange keys and switches
  • Possibility to connect up to 4 wireless devices

Points to improve NuPhy Air75

  • I would like to have the option of keys with a Portuguese layout

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