Home Sports Numerous punctures at La Vuelta due to tacks

Numerous punctures at La Vuelta due to tacks

Numerous punctures at La Vuelta due to tacks

It happened in the early stages of the Tour de France through the Basque Country, And it’s a fact that was repeated again in those first days of the Vuelta through Barcelona. Specifically in the second phase. During one section, numerous drivers had a flat tire and had to change their wheel. Shortly thereafter, the reason was discovered: thumbtacks in the asphalt. Some of them were even reinforced with a base plastic so that their effect was greater as the RTVE cameras showed. Last Saturday, four people were arrested on suspicion of a boycott.

As reported by EFE from police circles, the four arrests were made as part of a procedure on suspicion that those arrested were preparing actions against the Vuelta, the third stage of which will take place next Monday through Solsona between Súria and Arinsal. In a message on the social network X (formerly Twitter) The Solidarity Alert platform denounces this with these four arrests It aims to show that it is a “colonialist tour” and has questioned whether the arrests are due to fears that the tour “reflects the national and social oppression” under which she says Catalonia “is as a people” suffers.

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