Nuclear negotiations: ‘Iran’s attitude is a waste of time’

Vienna: European diplomats involved in the nuclear deal have called Iran’s contradictory behavior a waste of precious time.

According to foreign media, in 2018, Trump unilaterally canceled the nuclear deal reached between the world powers and Iran in 2015, after which Iran also announced its withdrawal from the deal.

According to media reports, the agreement reached in 2015 was aimed at preventing Iran from building an atomic bomb, which led to the easing of sanctions on Iran.

The United States now wants to re-engage in the deal, which has been renegotiated by world powers, including France, Germany, Russia, Iran, China and the United Kingdom.

“We talked for hours and all the delegations urged Iran to act responsibly, but Iran’s attitude suggests that we are wasting our precious time,” said a European diplomat. █ö

According to the report, Iran is demanding in talks that Washington lift sanctions.


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