After Facebook has launched its model, it is up to the Chinese company Nreal to present its Air smartglasses.
With a design and style inspired by the Ray-Ban brand, these smart glasses virtually project your smartphone screen in XXL size.

Nreal Air designs virtual screens of 130 and 201 inches

New smart glasses Nreal Air Credit @ Nreal

The Air model is the latest novelty from the Nreal company that, previously, had already presented us with other versions of smartglasses such as its Light model. Now is the time for the Air model, with a design reminiscent of the iconic Ray-Ban brand, hit the Asian market for now.

As is the brand’s custom, the Air also seems to be a lot of stylish sunglasses. However, when connected with the user’s smartphone, they can project a 130-inch virtual screen at a simulated distance of three meters.

The virtual screen even reaches 201 inches, if the virtual distance increases to six meters. The Nreal Air integrates a micro-OLED chip, specially designed for Augmented Reality equipment.

Nreal Smartglasses compatible with iOS and Android

In turn, the field of view reaches 46 degrees and the refresh rate is 90 Hz. They are also equipped with the 3-step adjustable rake system that allows users to adjust the field of view by tilting the lens and rods. .

The new Air smart glasses offer compatibility with Android and iOS devices. Which means that all users of this Air model are more likely to find people with the same model and share the projected digital space in front of them.

Scheduled to hit the market in December this year, Nreal Air will only be available in China, Japan and South Korea, in partnership with the main telecommunications operators present in those countries. But the company intends to extend the availability to other countries, although it does not advance locations or dates.


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