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Now violating Krona SOPs in the UAE can be costly

Abu Dhabi: Heavy fines have been announced in the United Arab Emirates for the prevention of corona cases.

According to media reports, the Attorney General of the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Hamad Saif Al Shamsi, has issued a list in this regard, the list has set the limits of fines, and also urged the residents to abide by the law. And follow the rules to protect others.

The fines are divided into several categories as follows.

Fifty thousand fine

Violating compulsory hospitalization or avoiding prescribed treatment despite being notified, violating quarantine.

Violation of SOPs in shopping malls

Twenty thousand fine

Providing fraudulent or inaccurate information, intentionally disclosing details of persons coming from abroad, or not completing the quarantine procedure as required by the relevant authorities.

Recruiting employees or domestic workers from abroad and concealing their arrival, or not subjecting them to the quarantine procedure as required by the concerned authorities.

Quarantine in private institutions. Do not notify health officials even if you have been diagnosed with code.

Ten thousand fine

Not registering on the contact tracing app, or not wearing the tracking device, intentionally damaging the device, not notifying the call center if there is an error in the e-tracking.

Do not perform regular PCR tests on designated workers or service providers.

Violations of Corona SOPs at gatherings, meetings and events

Five thousand fine

For incompleteness of putting up posters stating that the service providers in the facilities and centers have completed the approved vaccines or they are undergoing regular PCR tests.

On being invited to gatherings against SOPs

Krona for violating SOPs


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