Now End of corona: Now the game of corona will be over in minutes, scientists have prepared such a coating

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Now End of corona: Now the last time has come for Corona, which has caused cataclysmic deaths across the world. For a long time, scientists engaged in finding the bite of the corona have claimed to have achieved great success. Scientists have prepared such a coating to inactivate the Kovid virus, which will end the game of corona in minutes. This news is definitely going to bring great relief to the crores and billions of people who are facing the brunt of this horrific epidemic in the country and the world.

As of now there is no exact cure for corona worldwide. Although scientists have prepared a variety of vaccines against its various variants, which are effective to a large extent, but do not protect against all variants. This epidemic, which started from China in the year 2019, has caused an orgy of deaths in almost all countries of the world including America, France, Germany, Russia, India-Pakistan, England. Even now it continues to wreak havoc in the form of a slow poison.

The University of Michigan of America found the diagnosis

Researchers from the University of Michigan in the US have prepared this special coating against the corona. After testing, it has been found effective in inactivating other types of viruses including SARS cov-2, E, coli, MRSA bacteria. Its capacity is so high that it kills even a virus like corona in minutes and renders it inactive. According to scientists, this coating was used on computer keyboards containing viruses, mobile phone screens and chicken cutting boards. The result came that it killed 99.9 percent of germs and viruses.

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Research published in the journal Matter

The researchers included many scientists of Indian origin. This research, based on a coating that makes other bacteria and viruses inactive in minutes, including the corona virus, has been published in America’s famous Matter journal. Prior to publication, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put its seal on this coating. Associate Professor Geeta Mehta and PhD students Abhishek and Taylor Repetto were also involved in this research along with Prof Anish Tuteja from the University of Michigan. According to Tuteja, this new coating inactivates the microbes that linger on every surface.

ready-made coating

Tea plant, oil and cinnamon were used to prepare this coating against the corona virus. Varnish was also used to make it more durable. This coating can be applied by brush or spray. 99.9 percent of all germs, bacteria and viruses on the surface on which it is sprayed or brushed are inactivated in less than two minutes. Now soon this coating is ready to be launched in the market. So that it can be used to inactivate the corona virus. Because despite the vaccine, there is still a slow process of deaths from corona in almost all major countries.


Image Source : India TV


Deaths in the country and world due to Corona so far
India infected deaths

4.44 crore 5.28 lakh

Worldwide infected deaths

60.8 crore 64.86 lakh

covid deaths

Image Source : India TV

covid deaths

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