From the green and white box they are willing to lend to the extreme

The Real Zaragoza again he has asked for Yassin Fekir, a player who for now would not have many options in the Real Betis. The youngest of the Fekir has been one of the great losers of this season and although it was thought that he would have more chances, they have not finished arriving.

Let us remember that with the march of Tonny Sanabria, it was thought that the course would come for the French player to explode. On the contrary, he has seen several of the duels from the bench, although in the preseason he has been one of the most interesting names. Then he had to go back to the second team to open a space for Héctor Bellerín.

Zaragoza Fekir
Yassin Fekir is the younger brother of Nabil, who is wanted by Zaragoza

Real Zaragoza will try to convince Betis to sign Yassin Fekir

In this way and with the future in the air, from Real Betis they would be willing to accept a loan from Fekir to Real Zaragoza. The team led by Juan Ignacio Martínez is looking for several players in different demarcations and the offense is the priority. At first, the Verdiblancos refused to leave and have now changed their mind.

This on account of the fact that they want their player to progress in their performance and currently this cannot be on Pellegrini’s account. Despite the fact that the Mister trusts in the abilities of the little Fekir, he knows that he will not have many possibilities. For this reason it is that they are receptive to the offers that may arrive.

The winger wants to have minutes and show his conditions

Of course, the footballer is on alert, since the end of his relationship with Real Betis is approaching, so he expects a renewal as soon as possible. Once this happens, he would accept his departure in the form of a loan to another club and in the Second Division he would have alternatives to shine.

We will have to finally wait for what may happen to the future of Yassin Fekir. Everyone in the Thirteen Bars team trusts in his abilities and therefore wants to give him more contract time, but they are aware that for the moment he will have to try a new destination.


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