Now Ami has two new surprises

yes The title is fine. Kajal Arefin Ami is going to make a web film for the first time – it’s like surprise number one; Similarly, the number two surprise is that he is going to produce another web series called ‘Underworld’. The name of the web film is ‘Asama’.

The production house Bangabdi says, due to the success of Ami’s ‘Hotel Relax’ series, they have thought about Ami in a new way, the result of this idea is a web film and another web series. Banga signed a contract with Kajal Arefin Ami on Thursday afternoon.

Going to do two new works, one of them is a web film; Where I am going to work for the very first time, I am not afraid of that. Because he thinks the audience is in love with him.

However, this producer never forgets to thank the audience for their love.

After the contract signing ceremony, the cake was cut

Talking to Kal Kanth, Ami says, ‘First of all I thank the audience, whose love I grew up with. My audience is my motivation to move forward every step of my life. In the success of Hotel Relax, I would say, it was due to the love of the audience, so I am going to work again on this platform.

And I want to say about the web film, I want to make it in such a way that the audience can’t get up without finishing it.’

Mushfiqur Rahman Manju, chief content officer of Bangabd, says, ‘I feel that with the success of Hotel Relax, I can work with Ami again, I can trust Ami. I got incredible response in that series. In view of this, we are going to do two new things. That will not distract the audience, but may even exceed expectations.

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After a very informal contract signing ceremony, the cake was cut. Bangabd officials including Kajal Arefin Ami, Mushfiqur Rahman Manju, Shimul Sharma who discussed Bachelor point were present.

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