Notorious crypto fraudster who stole millions goes to prison

In Canada, an associate of notorious “crypto king” Aiden Pleterski, Colin Murphy, was sentenced to five months in prison. This sentence was imposed on him for “contempt of court” after he refused to comply with a search warrant and deleted data from his iPhone. It is part of a much larger case involving multiple suspects and in which millions of dollars were stolen.

Legal implications for Crypto King

Colin Murphy was an associate of the notorious crypto criminal “Crypto King” and was sentenced to prison by Judge Hugh O’Connell. The judge accused Murphy of failing to hand over his iPhone and deleting its data when a search warrant was issued against him, local media reported.

This incident is related to a large-scale fraud case that came to light when an investor attempted to recover $120,000, money he had given to Murphy to invest in Pleterski’s crypto business. When the investor attempted to collect on his investment, Murphy became unresponsive, leading to further legal action and now a prison sentence.

Luxury and loss

The case surrounding Murphy and Pleterski not only highlights legal problems, but also the extravagant lifestyles associated with them. Murphy was known on social media for his lavish lifestyle. He regularly posed with expensive sports cars such as Lamborghinis. Even if, as it turned out, he hadn’t earned his money honestly.

Despite claims to the contrary, the court found that Murphy was able to liquidate more than $2 million in assets to pay off his debts. The Pleterski and Murphy case involves more than 160 investors, and Murphy, Pleterski and two other suspects are believed to have stolen at least $40 million.

Last year it became known that Pleterski had been the victim of abuse and kidnapping. Affected investors had enough of Pleterski’s antics and took the law into their own hands. By this time, the perpetrators of this attack on the crypto king had been arrested, although Pleterski did not necessarily generate much sympathy.

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