Home Tech Nothing Phone (1) will be available in Portugal this summer

Nothing Phone (1) will be available in Portugal this summer

Nothing Phone (1) will be available in Portugal this summer

After the launch of the Nothing Ear bluetooth headphones (1), the technology company is preparing to launch the second product. It is a smartphone and will be called Nothing Phone (1). In Portugal, the company will have PCDIGA as an official partner.

This week Nothing confirmed the first of many alliances for the sale of its new smartphone. And PCDIGA, one of the main online technology stores in Portugal, will be at the forefront if you want to buy this long-awaited equipment in our country.

Nothing Phone (1) will arrive with Nothing OS and Qualcomm Snapdragon processor

Nothing Phone (1) will arrive with Nothing OS, based on the Android operating system. The team will continue to arrive with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, but prices and availability will only be known in the future.

“When we founded Nothing, we wanted to bring back the excitement that we once felt in the tech industry,” says Carl Pei, CEO and founder of Nothing. In case you didn’t know, Carl Pei was one of the founders of OnePlus, a brand of which he was also CEO.

The smartphone hits the market during the summer. PCDIGA Marketing Leader Nelson Arrifes believes that “Nothing Phone (1) will be a major market launch.” He also mentions that when they initially joined Nothing, he went with this product in mind.

“Nothing shares many of the values ​​and ideas appreciated by the community and PCDIGA truly believes in this strategy”, concludes Nelson Arrifes. Externally, Nothing has also partnered with O2 in the UK, Telekom Deustschland in Germany, and Flipkart in India.

There is very little left to know everything about the Nothing Phone (1) that promises to ‘shake up’ the mobile industry this summer. If you want to be up to date with everything, you can follow Nothing on Instagram or not twitter.



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