Nothing Ear 1 Review: Unique Design, Quality Guaranteed

Nothing Ear 1 is the first product launched by the young company led by Carl Pei. These are Bluetooth headphones (True Wireless Stereo Earbuds), which stand out for their bold design and various features. cousin.

They are available in Portugal exclusively at PCDIGA for 99.90 in black and white. For this price, they offer premium features like wireless charging and active noise cancellation, and an industry-unique design. Is it worth its value? Come find out in this review.

nothing heard 1
nothing heard 1

Unboxing and first impressions

Nothing Ear 1 came to me in a very presentable box, proving that Nothing has cared about the unboxing experience from an early age. Taking them out of the package, we know that we are dealing with a truly different product.

The charging case is completely transparent, which allows us to see the headphones from the outside. And as soon as we open it we see headphones with a transparent head that is simply irresistible.

The area of ​​the headset that will rest on the ear is, in this version, black. And that gives them an even more premium look. Still inside the box we find a USB-A to USB-C charging cable and small and large size rubber bands (the medium ones are placed by default on the headphones).

nothing heard 1

Truly distinctive design and above average comfort.

“Nothing believes in the windows, not in the walls”, says the company and is reflected in Nothing Heard (1). The transparent arms show us the components inside and it is impossible not to be impressed.

Below, we see an almost handcrafted work that reveals the “raw beauty of technology”. To this is added the black area that rests on the ear (in this version). Best of all, they only weigh 4.7 grams.

In terms of comfort, they are one of the best headphones I’ve ever tried. The design is very ergonomic, and you only need to adjust the silicone tip that suits you best. The truth is that the objective of the brand has been fulfilled: I simply forget that I am wearing them, and that is great.

nothing heard 1

great quality sound

The Nothing Ear 1 features an 11.6mm dynamic driver and a spacious air chamber. The result is fairly balanced audio, well above the average for cheap Bluetooth headphones.

You will notice a good balance between bass, mids and treble. There is no clear distinction between the instruments that you see in more expensive headphones, but that is not the point of this model either, which does its job very well.

An important detail is that they have an equalizer in the app that comes with them for Android and iOS. In this you can choose between balanced sound (which I prefer), with more predominance in the treble, bass or voices. It will always depend on the type of content you listen to the most.

nothing heard 1

Noise cancellation and transparency mode

Something that is becoming more and more common in headphones is active noise cancellation. This is the case of the Nothing Ear 1, which allows the user to choose between having it off, on (in light or stronger mode) and also opt for the transparency mode to hear what is around you.

Noise cancellation is there and removes some background noise. However, I don’t feel that it is as strong as other competitors in the segment. Transparency mode works quite well when enabled and allows you to not have to remove your headphones to hear anything around you.

But if you want, you can take out only one earphone. As soon as you do, the music automatically stops and the earpiece you’re holding in place switches to transparency mode. When you put it back on, everything goes back to the way it was before without a problem.

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nothing heard 1

Above average autonomy

On headphones, Nothing Ear 1 promises 5 hours of listening time. In my use I felt like I could use them without interruption until I had to put them back in the box. So it seemed like enough. With the charging case, autonomy is impressive.

The brand promises up to 34 hours of total autonomy. This means that in theory you can charge them 5-6 times without going to the mains. Which means that in regular use they can have an autonomy of almost a week.

In my case I simply forgot that I had to take them. And that is the best compliment that can be given to its total autonomy. In addition to charging through the USB-C port, they also charge wirelessly. Which in this price range is a rarity and comes in handy.

nothing heard 1

Hassle-free calls and exercise

We spend hours with headphones, and it’s only natural that we end up using them to make calls. As three mics, the Nothing Ear 1 does not disappoint at this point, and I have had no complaints at the other end of the line when using them for this purpose.

The same can be said when exercising with headphones. The comfort is constant, and I never felt like I was going to fall off when I tried them on a run. In addition, they have IPX4 certification that makes them resistant to sweat and water.

A simple app with good customization.

These headphones come with the Ear app (1), available for Android and iOS. In this you will find several customization options, which I detail below.

  • Noise Cancellation/Transparency Customization
  • Equalizer
  • Gesture controls (change or pause music, noise cancellation and volume)
  • Know your battery levels
  • Enable or disable proximity sensor to pause/play music
  • sleep mode
  • Find your headphones with sound
  • firmware updates
This is Nothing Ear 1 app
This is Nothing Ear 1 app

These are the main options you will have access to in the app. It lacks more customization in the equalizer, which only offers us the change between four modes.

Gesture controls are the best.

One of the best things about Nothing Ear (1) is that I felt like I had all the controls on the earcups. In addition to the usual controls for changing songs or noise cancellation, it is also possible to turn the volume up/down.

This is done by simply sliding your finger across the earcups. I just have to say good as I felt like it worked every time I ordered it. If you don’t like to always take your smartphone out of your pocket, it’s a great solution.

nothing heard 1

Strengths of Nothing Ear 1:

  • Unique and truly distinctive design.
  • Good value for money
  • Above average comfort
  • Excellent audio quality
  • wireless charging
  • Volume controls on headphones

Nothing Ear 1 Weaknesses:

  • Noise cancellation could be better

Final considerations

If you want really daring Bluetooth headphones for up to €100, this is the model you should buy. For this price, you get above-average audio quality, noise cancellation, and wireless charging.

They prove to be a good choice in terms of price-quality, and I can tell you that they offer above average comfort for all day wear. Volume controls on the headphones themselves are a big plus.

Noise cancellation, as I mentioned earlier, could be more noticeable. But you have to take into account its price range. In the charging case, style is preferred over function, and the earphones are no easier to store after each use.

If you are looking for something bold and different, the Nothing Earbuds (1) can be purchased exclusively in Portugal at PCDIGA for €99.90 in black and white (at the time of writing they are €79.90).

Learn more about pricing and shipping for the Nothing Ear 1 in black at PCDIGA

Learn more about pricing and shipping in white for Nothing Ear 1 at PCDIGA

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