Not Salman, Dharmendra brought the shirtless trend on screen.

Dharmendra is one of the biggest superstars of the 80s. He gave many great movies to Bollywood. Furthermore, Dharmendra is the only actor who has given top hits to Bollywood. He has achieved this position on his account. In an interview, Dharmendra not only told about his hard work and journey to get here, but also said that he was the first actor to start the shirtless trend on screen.

Dharmendra gave a lot of blockbuster movies on the big screen but every time you talk about the hero taking his shirt off in front of the camera people remember the name of Salman Khan but do you know that Dharmendra started appearing shirtless on the screen for first time? He did it. Dharmendra himself had revealed this when he came to your court. When they asked you that you were the first actor to take off your shirt? In response to which Dharmendra said, ‘It is a blessing from God and thanks to my parents who gave me such a body. Rest, I was a worker, I worked in the fields, I rode my bike, I traveled 50 miles, my thighs became very strong because of it. I used to wrestle, once Salman asked me how to do those thighs. So I said that now we will not become what they have become.

Dharmendra further said in this interview that dance was not considered good in our times. It was said that ‘men dance, they don’t dance’. My friend also sent dance classes. She further said that how she used to catch the rhythm. I keep changing Sam can’t. I grab the line.

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