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Not one or two, Kishore Kumar has had four marriages, every name on the list will surprise you

Not one or two, Kishore Kumar has had four marriages, every name on the list will surprise you

When talking about Bollywood’s best singers and actors, the name of Kishore Kumar surely goes into this list. Born on August 4, 1929, Kishore Kumar was also very romantic. This was the reason why he fell in love not once or twice but four times in his whole life and also got married four times. In the birthday special we introduce you to the love life of Kishore Kumar.

Ruma Guha aka Ruma Ghosh knocked for the first time in Kishore Kumar’s life. Ruma acted and sang in Bengali films. When both met during this period, love blossomed and both got married in 1951. After the marriage, both lived very well for many years, but later there were disputes between them. After that, they both divorced.

Madhubala came into Kishore Kumar’s life after Ruma Ghosh. It is said that Kishore Kumar fell in love with Madhubala’s love so much that he even converted to Islam. At the same time, after Dilip Kumar split, Madhubala also started to like Kishore Kumar. Both had married in 1960. After marriage, Madhubala and Kishore Kumar went to London where the doctor said that Madhubala had only two years to live due to a hole in his heart. After that, Kishore left Madhubala in her maternal home and only visited her once a month.

After Madhubala’s death, actress Yogita Bali entered Kishore Kumar’s life. Both married in 1976, but this relationship did not last long. Kishore Kumar and Yogita split after just two years. It is said that Yogita and Mithun had become close, which affected Kishore and Yogita’s relationship.

After breaking up with Yogita Bali, Kishore Kumar felt lonely again and this time actress Leena Chandrakar entered his life. They both worked in the 1968 film Mann Ka Meet. Leena was a widow and Kishore Kumar had married three times. What made it special was that there was a 21-year age difference between Kishore Kumar and Leena Chandravarkar. In such a situation, Leena’s father did not approve of this relationship at all. In such a situation, in order to persuade Leena’s family, Kishore Kumar reached her house and sat on a dharna there. It is said that during this dharna he sang the song “Nafrat karne walon ke seene mein pyar bhar doon”. Seeing Kishore Kumar’s efforts, Leena’s father melted away and in 1980 Kishore married for the fourth time.

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