Not even one taka per kg is being sold

Two days before Jamaishashti, when the prices of other daily vegetables including fish and meat skyrocketed, the rice lost its value. Due to this, the rice farmers of Jalpaiguri in West Bengal have fallen into a disaster.

No one wants to buy this vegetable in the wholesale market even though it is priced in the retail market. Selling 100 kg of rods does not raise the minimum transportation cost. As a result, farmers are feeding the cows by throwing them on the road.

Such pictures were seen on Tuesday at Dhupaguri market in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. Complaints of the farmers – On Tuesday morning, the paddy was sold at five taka per kg in the wholesale market. The wholesalers were not willing to pay even one rupee per kg. However, at the same time, sorghum is being sold at Tk 10 to Tk 15 per kg in the retail market. The farmers became angry.

Their statement – the money they spent to come from different parts of the village to the wholesale market in the city will not be recovered, on the contrary, the cost of taking the vegetables back home will increase.

Shalbari farmer Bhim Biswas said ‘I cultivated paddy on one bigha of land. It cost 10 to 12 thousand rupees. For a week I could not pay the travel expenses by selling rice. 50 farmers like me have come to this market. No one is getting the price. So I threw it on the road, at least the cows are eating.’

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