Not even LeBron saves the Lakers

There is less and less left for the new NBA season to begin (it begins at dawn next Tuesday to Wednesday) and the franchises are closing their preparation commitments. There is only tonight left, in which eight games will be played. During the last morning four others were played and, in order not to lose the habit of what has been happening in recent days, the Los Angeles Lakers said goodbye losing. Again.

His duel with the Sacramento Kings, one of the teams called to occupy the lowest positions in the league, ended in a 116-112 loss. And that this time they played better than the last days, but not for those days. The Lakers sign a rosco (0-6) that few would have believed possible when the preseason began. Of course, that record is useless once the initial jump takes place next Tuesday, in which the Lakers will host the Warriors in the second game of the NBA 2021-22. The friendly preparations are for what they are, in the case of the Lakers more than almost any, should serve to couple a squad with more new players than those who repeated last year. If we look at the progression of the team’s game from the first friendly to the last, it can be said that the objective has been partially achieved. If we look at the results, they may not have arrived in time to show their best side at the official start of the course.

What could be seen last night is a LeBron James at the height that is expected. At least for what it has meant in his career, because we must not forget that he turns 37 in December. But in light of what he has done against the Kings, the King seems to have no intention of letting time start to run against him. In 29 minutes on the court he finished with 30 points (12/20 in field goals), 6 rebounds and 6 assists. And, also important, +17 with him on the track. The best of his team in this section. When LeBron signs these numbers the Lakers win 99% of the time. Not tonight. If this trend is going to repeat itself during the first weeks of the season is something that nobody knows. The good news is, there are only five days to guess.

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Results of the night:

Hawks 127 – Heat 92

Nets 107 – Wolves 101

Nuggets 113 – Thunder 107

Kings 116 – Lakers 112

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