Not a euro for Mbappé

at zero cost. This is how it is written in the book of future signings of Real Madrid the potential incorporation of Kylian Mbappé (24 years old). As AS already detailed, the Frenchman is a footballer who appears in the column of prioritybut No is willing to do crazy things. The landscape has not changed. Mbappe yes but without disbursing a euro. The formula is simple: wait for 2024. The Bondy star sealed the vaunted -and unexpected at times- renewal last summer and posed with an elastic with the 2025 To the back. A real date… halfway. And it is that, the contract was 2+1. An addition that Kylian is not willing to executeas reported L’Equipe. The PSG star does not have in mind to activate his automatic renewal, a fact that would place the sign of free agent in just over a year. A context where Madrid would press the accelerator.

It may seem that there is time to know the resolution, but on July 31, 2023 the horizon will become more transparent. Until that day Kylian has to pull the trigger. If it is not done, On January 1, 2024, the attacker will have complete freedom to negotiate a new contract with the team of his choice. A situation that Real Madrid knows well and that it would face in this case with a different position. The first, There is no question of putting a millionaire on the table this summer as happened last year (180 million euros came to offer the white club in search of their great desire). Second, they would face the operation from a position of strength. For the landing to take place, it would have to be the player who took action on the matter publicly; smooth out the edges created for Real Madrid, and the entity itself, with its swerve in the summer of 2022.

A door that never closed

TO favor of Mbappé plays his status as a footballer called to dominate, along with Haaland and Vinicius, world football for the next few years and that the Paris-Madrid air bridge was never fully closed. He didn’t do it himself Kylian in it release where he announced his renewal by PSG. “I also want to sincerely thank Madrid and its president Florentino Pérez. I recognize the opportunity and privilege of being desired by such an institution.”he indicated, to complete his message with some phrases that verbalized an apology: “I suspect they are disappointed. I will be his first supporter in the Champions League final in Paris.”.

And neither did Florentino Pérez bolt the door. “This Mbappé is not my Mbappé. But if it changes… Life goes around a thousand times”slipped in The beach barwhere he also explained what happened in the final chapters of the soap opera. “His signing took a long time and a time has come when he has changed his mind. But I think it’s because of the pressure. It is not normal for two presidents of the Republic to call you, the mayoress of Paris. That cannot be supported. I wish him the best.” A few words where resentment was not chewed, but disappointment and, in part, understanding.

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Mbappé sent a message to the president of the white club to inform him of his decision, but there, the top manager of Madrid, after a time where communication had been cut off, had already made the decision. “At that time we were no longer interested”. Because? “No player in the history of Real Madrid has ever been above the rest”. However, at the end of his intervention in The beach bar, Florentino recovered the conciliatory tone. If now someone tells you to sign Mbappé? “Well, I tell him that calm down, that life has not ended yet”. The door, as long as it is free, was open. And it still is. Summer 2024 is the date, the moment where Mbappé and Madrid can finally shake hands.

The PSG, ‘ally’

AND the white team has found an ally in the skin of an enemy: PSG itself. The Parisian project, the one promised to Mbappé in his golden renewal, has cracked in a few months. louis fields came as key piece to the sports management for their good relationship with the star. However, the decisions of the Portuguese have not materialized in the expected performance and in the Parque de los Príncipes they stopped listening to the Champions League anthemthe great objective since Qatar Sports Investments took ownership of the entity, in the round of 16 (Bayern was the executioner).

The eleventh Ligue 1 will not make up a season of overflowing tension where the only constant is Mbappé (40 goals and 9 assists in 41 games), with Messi and Neymar starring in more exit rumors than accumulating praise. A busy summer market is expected. In the center of the target? Move the right chips so that Kylian changes his mind or, failing that, achieve another renewal in extremis. Real Madrid will not enter into that tug of war. If Mbappé wants to fulfill the dream of the comic book boy, the one that seemed to take shape 12 months ago, he must position himself to reach the new Santiago Bernabéu, transfer bonuses and commissions aside, at zero cost.

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