Nostradamus’s dire predictions for 2024 are alarming the world

Throughout history, there have been countless characters who worried about the future. Baba Vanga is an example, but perhaps Michel de Nôtre-Dame, also known as Nostradamus and from whom many inherit their nickname, is the most famous. With millions of followers, scientists or curious people analyze their predictions, which were largely successful, such as the rise of Adolf Hitler or the September 11 attacks in the United States. The book “The Prophecies”, published in 1555, contains several future events. According to the French interpreter, this will happen in 2024.

These are Nostradamus’ frightening prophecies for the year 2024

The interpretations of Nostradamus’ verses were varied. He used enigmatic, dark, very metaphorical phrases to talk about the future. Among the great historical facts purportedly presented by this French soothsayer was The Great Fire devastated London in 1566.which appeared a decade after his book was published.

Also the assassination of Henry IV of France in 1610, the atomic bombs of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the assassination of JFK, the Second World War or the French Revolution, in addition to those already mentioned. And myself, the death of the Queen of England and the coronation of Charles III. “After the sudden death of the first character, he is changed and another is welcomed into his kingdom,” he wrote.

Scientists said the “prophecies” predicted wars, famines and droughts by 2023. We can see, for example, that this has been the warmest summer on record in the world, resulting in unprecedented droughts; Also societies involved in famines such as North Korea, as well as the continuation of war in Ukraine, the Caucasus or ongoing conflicts in the world.

What about 2024? Well, the predictions are so worrying and catastrophic that they have caused uncertainty and fear around the world. For example, the prediction of a new world war, irreversible climate change, the death of Pope Francis or a major earthquake.

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