NOS: Portuguese operator guarantees full coverage of the Azores with 5G

The national operator US has just strengthened its presence in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. In fact, mobile base stations have doubled in the last year and now all integrate 5Gin practice, ensuring that all islands have access to 5G.

As reported by the telecommunications operator itself, the NOS investment to increase websites in the region exceeded 3 million euros. From now on, the entire island territory will be covered by 5G from the operator NOS.

Complete coverage of NOS 5G in the Azores archipelago

US 5G Azores

The NOS 5G mobile network already covers all the islands of the Azores. Thus opening new prospects for development and digital transformation in the region. This milestone was completed with the installation of a 5G site on the island of Corvo, the company having doubled the number of its base stations in the archipelago.

By way of example, and as the operator itself points out, in the last year the presence of the operator has increased exponentially through an investment of more than 3 million euros.

In fact, from this moment on, 5G coverage will cover around 96% of the population of the Azores. In practice, extend the service to the 19 Municipalities that make up the archipelago in parallel to the development of the network on the continent.

Definitive coverage of the population of the Archipelago is expected shortly, with the conclusion of the implementation plan for this mobile network in the region.

The 5th generation mobile network reaches 96% of the population of the Azores

US 5G Azores

Manuel Ramalho Eanes, Director of NOS, stressed: “5G opens a world of possibilities for the population of the Azores, towards a more digital, more sustainable society and with greater economic development”.

“This is a revolution that NOS has been leading in Portugal, from the first minute, and therefore we are proud to have the largest and best 5G coverage in the country, with this recent focus here in the archipelago to shorten the distance. between this region and all other parts of the country.”

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Camilo Moniz, General Director of NOS Azores, took advantage of the date to highlight some of the operator’s milestones in the region. Namely: “After the first subscription television in the Azores and the largest public WiFi in the city of Ponta Delgada, it is with immense satisfaction that I can say that we have already delivered 5G to the nine islands of the archipelago. “

“This represents a great opportunity for the region and an incredible milestone for NOS. It is a great mirror of our evolution here, which has allowed us, for example, to double the number of clients in the last 5 years”.

NOS 5G consistently praised against the competition

In short, in the more than three decades of presence in the region, NOS has invested more than 83 million euros, currently having 4 data centers.

Given the above, we see that this evolution of the NOS 5G network in the Azores is in line with the investment that the operator has made, at a national level. Effort that has earned him the distinction of several independent entities, such as Ookla, Open Signal, etc.

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