NOS, MEO and Vodafone with service breakdowns in Portugal

The main telecommunications operators in Portugal have had occasional failures in the service during the last day. The symptom was felt by the users of the U.S🇧🇷 MEO Y vodafone Portugal, with different degrees of intensity.

Service problems have been reported on the platform. fall detectorillustrating the peak of carrier failures in the last 24 hours.

Lack of network coverage, inability to make a phone call, as well as dropped voice calls are among the most common issues reported by users.

Failures in the mobile network affect the main operators in Portugal

Problems reported in the Downdetector platform with the operator NOS

The causes of the problems, common to the three big operators in Portugal, are not yet known. However, it is possible that the current weather framework has contributed to the service problems of the companies in question.

It is possible that throughout the day, especially in regions such as Braga, Lisbon or Porto, they have had problems establishing a voice call connection. If this is the case, then you are not alone, nor is the problem inherent to your Android or iOS smartphone.

NOS, MEO and Vodafone service with problems in Portugal

Problems reported on the Downdetector platform with the MEO operator

According to the problems reported by various consumers, the failures affect various parts of the country and various aspects of the service provided by the operators. Both slower Internet access (fixed and mobile Internet service) and calls.

Bad weather will be one of the reasons for service failures in Portugal

Vodafone Portugal
Problems reported on the Downdetector platform with the MEO operator

On the other hand, regarding the problems most reported by the operator, here the indication of general failure, lack of signal and problems at the mobile internet level stand out.

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Finally, we are now waiting for an official explanation about the issue reported by various users. Again, with special attention to the urban centers of Lisbon, Porto and Braga, as well as Coimbra.

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