NOS is ahead of MEO and Vodafone with a pioneering project in Portugal

NOS remains highly committed to sharing the benefits of technology with Portuguese citizens and businesses. The operator is already applying the potential of 5G in national companies, and has now presented a pioneering project, ahead of its rivals MEO and Vodafone.

NOS teamed up with two Portuguese brands, Sumol and Compal, to introduce the first 5G factory in Portugal. This is “fully covered with the fifth generation of NOS mobile communications from March 2021.”

This “Sumol + Compal factory in Almeirim has since then had technological solutions on 5G with the capacity to transform and streamline the company’s operations on a scale that was not possible until now”.

What does the NOS 5G bring to the Sumol and Compal factory?

NOS affirms in a statement that “5G brings with it the ability to transform industrial processes and materialize more optimized, efficient and safe logistics chains, thus raising the efficiency and productivity of companies to new levels.”

This production unit has an area of ​​70,000 m², where around 25 thousand tons of fruit are processed annually. Based on 5G, NOS partner companies are implementing two pioneering approaches.

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“The unique characteristics of the fifth generation of mobile communications allow us innovative applications that deliver significant efficiency gains, as Sumol and Compal are already testing on a daily basis, and will demonstrate this even more in a future that is expected to be even more digital,” he says. . Manuel Ramalho Eanes, Executive Director of NOS.

This partnership is an integral part of a long-term collaboration for the digital transformation of Sumol and Compal that will involve, in addition to solutions based on augmented reality, an IoT (Internet of Things) detection project and constant monitoring of performance indicators in the production lines.

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