NOS brings Augmented Reality to 5G shopping solutions

Augmented Reality is increasingly used in purchasing solutions, since it allows products to be seen in real environments and sizes. Aware of this, NOS has just launched two 5G solutions in Augmented Reality.

The first implementation is called Digital Showcase and uses Augmented Reality (AR), powered by 5G and its speed, security and reliability. Produces full-size 3D models of products.

digital showcase
Digital Showcase. Credit: USA

See high-end equipment without the physical presence of the product

Thus, it will be easier to visualize high-end equipment, which is not normally displayed in stores, even without the physical presence of the product. At the moment, NOS offers this application in three stores: Cascais Shopping, Campo Grande and Mar Shopping Matosinhos.

In addition, augmented reality is being used in the alarm segment, so that customers can see the equipment in full size. By using the app, the NOS team can show anyone exactly what alarm devices look like in their own home.

“These solutions are becoming more prevalent and provide people with a more complete, disruptive and intelligent shopping experience, with substantial benefits for retailers as well, in terms of increased efficiency. By way of illustration, it is estimated that, in 2025, the market for Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies in retail will amount to more than 1,400 million euros”.

It should be noted that this initiative arises after a pilot experience carried out last year in Zippy stores. There, through Augmented Reality, people could try on various pieces without having to put on or wear them.

Once again, this measure is in line with NOS’s strategy to lead in 5G and continue developing solutions that make it possible to take advantage of the potential of this technology.

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