THE DECO PROTESTa consumer protection organization, analyzed the quality of 4G networks of the three main market operators in Portugal. It did so based on the evaluation of 56 thousand users through the platform WhichNetwork.

This is how the NOS operator obtained the first place in terms of the set of results in the speed of to download Y Increase. The evaluation was also based on the quality of Internet browsing and streaming content viewing.


DECO distinguishes the NOS 4G network as the best in Portugal

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First of all, it is important to highlight the criteria evaluated. are these the average download speed Y Increasetopped by navigation quality In Internet. Finally, without forgetting the viewing quality of streaming content

In fact, these were the things DECO’s “Full Test” examined. However, not all contribute in the same way to the final score, which decides the places on the podium. Indeed, the various points obtained are the product of the results in terms of speed and quality.


There are several criteria evaluated by DECO Protest

António Alves, Coordinator of the Hi-Tech Area of ​​DECO PROTESTE explains that “to calculate the speed score, we add two thirds of the value in Kbps calculated for the download to one third of the registered mark on the upload. So if an operator registers 30,000 Kbps average download speed and 12,000 Kbps upload speed, that’s 24,000 points.”

The executive also points out that “the amount of quality is just the meta of the non-streaming quality, which depends on the percentage of viewing time without interruptions and errors, with the meta of the quality to browse, measured by the percentage of loading pages without errors and at the right time.”

Concluding “if the first one is 90% and the second one is 70%, the total quality will be 80 percent. The final score results from multiplying the speed by the quality, if you still remember. So, we have 24,000 x 80%, which corresponds to 19,200 points”, highlights António Alves.


Best of Test on the 4G network in Portugal

In short, with 30,455 points, NOS achieved the title of Best in Test on the 4G network. In second place we have MEO with 26,147 points and, lastly, Vodafone with 25,097 points.

While a fast mobile network is a necessary attribute for most consumers, tests carried out by DECO PROTESTE in recent years reveal that 4G still does not reach the entire country in the same way.

For this, the platform WhichNetworkan assessment instrument created by the consumer protection organization, shows an interactive map with different colors from one region to another.


In other words, several municipalities in the interior of Portugal are still painted yellow, orange or red, revealing weak or mediocre performance of the 4G network.

It should also be noted that this tool is considered collaborative by DECO PROTESTE since its development depends on the measurement made by consumers. In fact, the free app only records the measurement value and its location. In addition, the user’s ID is not requested and the mobile phone ID is not recorded.

At the same time, and together with the emphasis on the best operator, the evaluation also allows some added value to be perceived about the 5G network.


António Alves points out that “although there is not equal availability of the 4G network throughout the country, we are witnessing the development of the 5G network, with measures that seem encouraging. In the case of downloading, 5G multiplies by three and a half the speed of 4G, in the case of uploading, bills go from one and a half to two times the performance of the previous network.