Norway: 20,000 euros in donations collected to erect a statue in honor of the walrus Freya

He has become a symbol. A collection of donations raised more than 20,000 euros on Wednesday August 17 to erect a statue in honor of the walrus Freya, who became a star of the Oslo fjord this summer but was shot by the authorities in the name of human protection. August 14. An online donation campaign had been launched to raise 200,000 crowns (20,300 euros) to erect a statue for the animal. By midday on Wednesday, this objective was exceeded with more than 206,000 crowns collected.

The decision to kill the 600-kilo young female, from a protected species, has made waves in Norway, where the mammal had conquered the cœurs by climbing onto boats to doze there, even if it means damaging them. The controversy has also spread beyond the borders of the Norwegian kingdom.

“By erecting a statue of the symbol that Freya has become in a short time, we will remind ourselves (and generations to come) that we cannot and should not kill or erase nature when it is ‘in our way’. “

Erik Holm, Norwegian fundraising promoter

on the Norwegian website

“The culling of Freya sends extremely negative signals that Norway, and in particular Oslo, is not able to make room for wild animals”explains the Norwegian promoter of the collection, Erik Holm, on the Norwegian site

Feeding mainly on invertebrates such as molluscs, shrimps, crabs and small fish, the walrus does not normally attack humans but can react aggressively if threatened.

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