North Korean Web Says “Squid Game” Shows South Korean Reality

The North Korean propaganda website Arirang Meari published an article today in which it ensures that the South Korean Netflix series "The Squid Game" ("Squid Game"), which has become a global success, "reveals the reality of society" from the neighboring country.

"It is believed that the reason that the television series ‘The Squid Game’ is succeeding with viewers is because it delves into the reality of capitalist society and South Korea", secure the item.

According to Arirang Meari, the series, which is on its way to being the most watched so far on the Netflix platform, "graphically shows the situation of hundreds of people forced to live a hellish life in which they are burdened with unaffordable debts".

The article considers that this fiction teaches a "unequal society in which people are treated like chess pieces", and states that in the neighboring country "corruption and immoral scoundrels are common".

"The Squid Game"Written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyeok, it tells the story of Seong Gi-hun, a middle-aged man from Seoul who is burdened with debt and decides to participate in a macabre and mysterious competition in which a single winner can win a prize millionaire.

Arirang Meari is known for criticizing various aspects of South Korean society and, for example, has accused her music industry of "enslave" artists to create so-called K-Pop stars.


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