North Korean hackers try to launder $27 million from Harmony Bridge attack

The North Korean hackers behind the Harmony Bridge attack continue to attempt to launder the stolen funds. According to data on the blockchain revealed on Jan. 28 by Blockchain Sleuth Zachxbt, the hackers moved 17,278 Ethereum (ETH) over the weekend. These tokens are worth approximately $27 million.

Money sent to 6 exchanges

The tokens were transferred to 6 different crypto exchanges, according to Zachxbt in a Twitter thread. It is not immediately clear which platforms had received the tokens. Three main addresses carried out the transactions.

Reportedly, the exchanges have now been notified of the transfer of the stolen funds and part of these assets have also been frozen. The exploiters’ moves to launder the money were very similar to those on January 13, when more than $60 million was laundered.

What is Harmony’s Horizon Bridge?

Harmony’s Horizon Bridge makes the transfer between Harmony and the Ethereum Network, Binance Chain and Bitcoin (BTC). In June of last year, approximately $100 million was stolen from the platform.

After the platform was attacked, 85,700 ETH tokens have already been sent through the crypto mixer Tornado. These tokens were then deposited to multiple addresses, making it even harder to find them. According to an analysis by crypto tracking platform MistTrack, 350 addresses have been associated with the attack by many exchanges in an attempt to avoid identification.

One of the most famous hacking groups in this area is the Lazarus Group. They have been involved in several major breaches within the crypto industry. This includes the hack at Ronin Bridge, where no less than $600 million could be stolen last March. Unfortunately, such attacks also seem to be becoming more and more common. It’s not certain when the next hack will happen and how much loot will be taken from it, but unfortunately it seems certain that several more will happen.

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