North Korean barrage fired in waters near border, South Korea says

North Korean artillery carried out barrage fire on Monday (December 5th) in the maritime “buffer zone” near the border with South Korea, the South Korean army announced.

The North Korean military simultaneously fired around 130 artillery fire from two different sites. One is located in the East, on the Sea of ​​Japan, and the other in the West, on the Yellow Sea, said the general staff of the South Korean forces in a press release. No shells fell on the South Korean side of the border, he said.

The staff described these shots as “clear violation” of the military agreement concluded in 2018 between Seoul and Pyongyang. This agreement established a “buffer zone” on either side of the maritime border which separates the two Koreas. Any naval exercise or firing with live ammunition is prohibited there, in order to reduce the risk of incident.

High tensions in the peninsula

Pyongyang has fired artillery towards the “buffer zone” several times in recent months amid heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula.

North Korea also recently carried out a record series of missile launches. Seoul and Washington lend it the intention to carry out a nuclear test soon, which would be the seventh in its history and its first since 2017.

Under UN Security Council resolutions, Pyongyang is prohibited from testing ballistic missiles. North Korea says the tests are a response to large-scale military exercises conducted by South Korea, the United States and Japan in the region.

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