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North Korea wants to retaliate with its neighbor’s exercises

Faced with military exercises in Seoul and Washington, North Korea threatens. Pyongyang is warning the United States and South Korea after the two nations carried out the largest joint air maneuvers (October 31-November 5) ever between them.

The Korean People’s Army (KPA) General Staff said in a statement that the military “will continue to respond to all war exercises (…) with sustained, resolute and overwhelming practical military measures. The APC said in particular that it launched tactical ballistic missiles simulating attacks against air bases and that it practiced shooting down enemy planes.

A “large-scale combat exit operation”

The North Korean Air Force also conducted a “large-scale combat exit operation”, involving 500 aircraft. This mobilization prompted the South to deploy combat aircraft on Friday.

During the joint US-South Korean operation, North Korea fired several dozen ballistic missiles at sea, one of which fell near southern territorial waters. Tensions are still high between the two neighbors.

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