North Korea says it has developed a new “controllable” rocket launcher system

North Korea has developed a new “ballistic control system”. Projectiles used with multiple rocket launchers according to state media. The new North Korean weapons advance was successfully tested by the Academy of Defense Sciences and consisted of 240-millimeter caliber projectiles, state agency KCNA reported on Monday.

“Controllable” projectiles and their “ballistic control system” They would represent “a qualitative change for our army’s multiple rocket launcher force,” the North’s propaganda outlet noted. This technical development will make it possible to reassess the current strategy for this type of projectiles, which, according to KCNA, could have greater importance in war situations.

The announcement came after South Korean forces detected missile launches toward the Yellow Sea from North Korea’s west coast a day earlier. Seoul decided not to release this information, a South Korean military source told the local Yonhap Agency today.

He South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff It usually announces ballistic missile launches and other weapons tests that it considers significant, the same source stressed. This is the first time the North has claimed to have successfully conducted a test of “controllable” 240-millimeter projectiles, which, if true, could increase the potential range and precision of this type of North Korean weapon.

In January last year, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un invoked it a new model of a 600-millimeter multiple rocket launcher as a weapon that can be equipped with tactical nuclear warheads. Tensions on the Korean peninsula have increased due to the North’s ongoing weapons tests, which in recent weeks have included firing cruise missiles from sea and land and artillery fire into waters near the inter-Korean maritime border.

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This coincides with greater rapprochement between Pyongyang and Moscow and allegations by Washington and its allies of North Korea supplying Russia with weapons for its invasion of Ukraine.

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