North Korea fired ballistic missile from sea, Seoul says

Concern is growing in Korea. While a tripartite meeting is due to take place between South Korea, the United States and Japan to discuss their diplomatic approach with Pyeongchang, the South Korean army says it has detected ballistic missile fire by North Korea . Launched from a submarine, it would be an SLBM [missile balistique stratégique mer-sol], advanced technology.

The North thus continues its arms race, arousing fear in several countries. Pyeongchang now has nuclear weapons and has unveiled or tested in recent weeks an intercontinental ballistic missile, a weapon fired from a train or a missile presented as hypersonic. In other words, Kim Jong-un would have the means to strike the United States directly.

“The fundamental reason for this provocation from the North is that the United States does not change its position on the talks,” said Shin Beom-chul, a researcher at the Korea National Strategy Research Institute. For him, the regime of “Pyongyang is thus trying to demonstrate that it can be even more provocative”.

Tense relations with the United States

Last week, Kim Jong-un also considered that the United States was the “root cause” of the instability in the peninsula. The missile was launched the day after the call for dialogue with Pyongyang launched by Sung Kim, Joe Biden’s special representative for North Korea. “We have no hostile intentions towards North Korea and we hope to meet them unconditionally,” the diplomat said, while adding that the allies had the “responsibility to implement” the sanctions decided by the Security Council. of ONU.

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