North: a migrant seriously injured by gunshot in the Loon-Plage camp

A person in an irregular situation was seriously injured around midnight, on the night of Saturday to Sunday, in the exile camp of Loon-Plage (North), indicates Sunday June 26 France Bleu Nord. This Iraqi was transported to the Dunkirk hospital center.

This new shooting comes a month after clashes that left one dead and three injured on May 22 and 23. A large police force had led to the evacuation of some of the occupants on May 25.

Since then, the number of migrants has increased from around 500 to 350 people, according to the ADRA association. Iraqis are no longer among the most represented nationalities, following the arrival of migrants of other nationalities: Egyptians, Kuwaitis, as well as exiles from several African countries who were hitherto kept apart.

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