Nora Fatehi’s pain spilled over not getting lead roles in films, she said — only four actresses got them

Known for her excellent dance routines, Nora Fatehi began her acting career with the film Street Dancer 3D. He also got work in some films but his item songs like Saki-Saki, Dilbar and Garmi only got him recognition. Although Nora is more interested in acting now. Her grief also extended to not getting starring roles in films, and she also blamed only four actresses for getting work in the industry.

Nora Fatehi expressed her pain in a recent interview with News 18, saying without naming anyone that filmmakers don’t think outside the box. There are only four girls in the industry who find work. In that interview, Nora said, “I don’t feel like I’m dancing, so they don’t want to cast me.” There are many of these iconic actresses in Bollywood who dance very beautifully and are also great at dance routines. So it’s just part of being a good actress. According to the actress, maybe it will show who can act better than her and deliver good dialogues. who speaks the language well. Everyone breaks down as soon as they get the chance.

Nora went on to say that in this day and age, competition in the industry has increased. Few films have come out in a year and filmmakers are unable to see beyond their imaginations what lies ahead. So only 4 girls make films. They take turns getting work. Filmmakers also remember the same four. You don’t even think beyond that. So your task is to stop these four and become the fifth. Also, be involved in the rotation and yes, this task is difficult, but it happens. I am very grateful for that. I just have to prove myself to survive. That’s the next challenge.

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