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Nora Fatehi had a crush on this handsome Bollywood actor since she was little, she revealed herself

Nora Fatehi is a household name in the industry today. She has created her own identity in Bollywood with her abilities. But Nora has been addicted to Bollywood since childhood. Yes.. In an interview, Nora had said that she liked Bollywood since childhood and that her childhood crush was Hrithik Roshan.

Nora Fatehi had told in an interview that Hrithik Roshan was her crush as a child, she was his fan, especially of her dance. At the same time, Nora still wants to work with Hrithik Roshan, but she has not had this opportunity so far. At the same time, do you know that Nora Fatehi has watched Kangana’s super hit Queen more than 10 times? Yes…she liked this movie so much that she had seen it more than 10 times.

At the same time, today the situation is that Bollywood has become a fan of Nora Fatehi. Nora Fatehi has never had to look back since Dilbar Song was released in 2018. She is working continuously. And she has left her mark as the best dancer in the industry. Nowadays, even the big celebrities are surprised to see her dancing. Every time a Nora song is released, it creates quite a stir on the social media platform.

After making her mark as a dancer, Nora Fatehi has now started trying her hand at acting as well. She was first seen opposite Sunil Grover in Salman Khan’s film Bharat. After that, she was seen doing action scenes in Ajay Devgan’s Bhuj.



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