Nora Fatehi Finds a Girlfriend for Parineeti Chopra, Explosive Entrance on Hunarbaaz Sets!

Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi’s reality show Hunarbaaz will have a shocking entrance. On the Hunarbaaz stage, Nora Fatehi will be seen stealing her outfits with her captivating style. Nora is going to be seen having a lot of fun with all the judges on the show Mithun Chakraborty, Karan Johar and Parineeti Chopra. Meanwhile, news arrives that Nora Fatehi has found a boyfriend for actress Parineeti Chopra.

<p style="text alignment: justify;"In fact, the creators have shared a promotional video for this special episode of Hunarbaaz. In this video of a few seconds Nora Fatehi is seen saying that I have found a boy for Pari, Parineeti is surprised to hear this. Then there is a Hunarbaaz stage entrance in the video, there is a strong entrance of a man, who is seen performing the song 'Dil Hara'.

<p style="text alignment: justify;"After the performance in the video ends, Harsh onstage says hey, yourself, the same fake hair… Parineeti asks the person if you're trying to imitate Saif Ali Khan, which is my favorite. Yeah, so that person talks to Saif in wow style…



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<p estilo="text alignment: justify;"On this, Harsh says that until today you must have heard raw almonds, this is raw Nawab. Everyone starts laughing at this. Nora tells Pari that this is not bad but cute. Overall, this weekend's episode of Hunarbaaz is going to be a lot of fun.

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