‘None less than Cristiano Ronaldo’, former Pakistani captain raves about Virat Kohli

'None less than Cristiano Ronaldo', former Pakistani captain raves about Virat Kohli

Former Indian captain Virat Kohli is a well-known batsman not only in Indian cricket but also in world cricket. Kohli has driven millions of people crazy with his game. The different madness of him is seen within the fans. Among cricketers, King Kohli has the highest number of followers on Instagram. In 2018, former West Indies player Dwayne Bravo called Kohli the Ronaldo of cricket. Now, former Pakistan captain Salman Butt has also joined bridges in praise of Virat in the same way.

Looking at Kohli’s excellent fitness, Salmana Butt while speaking on her YouTube channel said that Kohli is no less than Ronaldo. He said this after Virat Kohli’s brilliant tackles against Sri Lanka. Speaking of this, Butt said: “He is no less than Cristiano Ronaldo. Out of all the top fitness fanatics in the world, he’s right there.”

Samlan Butt said: “I think Kohli is back to his best. Maybe he’s back to his old ways. He used to score many runs and hundreds continuously. This is the best way to play ODI cricket. You start off strong, play ball by ball, keep the bad balls away and score the good balls. Once he is fully set up, then he is able to hit the limits consistently. There the risk is much lower. He shows the control that he has when he is on the field.

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Virat Kohli scored two centuries in the three ODI home series against Sri Lanka. In the first game, an inning of 113 runs came out of his bat. Following this, in the third match, Kohli played a dizzying innings of 166* runs. He was awarded ‘Man of the Match’ for both innings.


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