Nokia Pure UI is the new interface for the brand’s smartphones

After revealing a new logo during MWC 2023, Nokia is now unveiling its new software. It’s time to get to know Pure UI, the new interface that will come to smartphones and other products from the legendary Finnish brand.

Since its resurrection by HMD Global, Nokia devices have embraced the ideology of pure Android. As of now, however, the company wants to put its mark on the software in its products, in an attempt to differentiate itself from the competition.

Pure Nokia user interface

Pure UI arrives to refresh the appearance and software of Nokia smartphones

As can be seen from the shared images, Pure UI remains a clean, minimalist and intuitive interface. Still, there is some inspiration from some of its competitors, namely Samsung’s One UI.

Nokia claims that its new interface is designed for future-proof digital devices. In fact, we have a system with the introduction of new visual concepts and further alignment with the new company logo.

Pure Nokia user interface

We immediately notice the redesign of the system icons, as well as their new fonts. These changes will be noticeable in Pure UI with a focus on flexibility and the ability to adapt to various types of devices.

This means that Pure UI was not designed just for Nokia smartphones. The Finnish company wants this to be a universal interface and to work on other products like smartwatches, laptops, and more.

Pure Nokia user interface

New animations will be introduced with the release of Pure UI. According to Nokia, these will be fluid and easy on the eyes, providing an exhilarating user experience. As it should be, a dark mode will also be available.

“Nokia Pure is the latest update to the system design that has evolved to produce consistent, flexible and future-proof digital products. The system is made up of building blocks, components, templates and guidelines, making it easy to produce a new brand expression, clean and minimal for Nokia B2B and Enterprise digital products”.

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Unfortunately, Nokia has not shared any further information on the details of the new Pure UI interface. We expect more information to be revealed in the future, possibly through the Pure Nokia official website.

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