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Nobody understands what happens with Odegaard

The Real Madrid It is not going through its best economic or sporting moment and it is not a surprise to anyone. David Alaba is the only signing of the summer market after the departures of Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane, and the only reason they try to explain this situation is that they are “saving” to sign Kylian Mbappé, something that is not appropriate to do a team with the income and history of the merengue ensemble. The pandemic and mismanagement in recent markets (millionaire payment for Hazard one year after the contract ends, millionaire investment by a forward with no experience in the elite who did not give the ideal context either …).

The problems are bigger than those that are said in the White House, but it is necessary to focus on sports in order to explain situations that do not make sense at the moment, such as that of Martin Odegaard.

An increasingly complicated case

As reported Onda Cero, Martin Odegaard has asked to leave Real Madrid in this transfer market and the merengue team would be more than willing to let him out. This is surprising news because the Norwegian is the most talented player of all the young people that the club has bet on in recent years (Rodrygo, Reinier, Vinícius, Jovic, Kubo …) and that he has never had the opportunity to show that He has everything to be valuable on this team.

Odegaard is a footballer who, in his time at Real Sociedad, was one of the best players in La Liga and who offers variants that the merengue team does not have at the moment. A creative footballer, who interprets the spaces well and who has that sweetness in the last section to give endless assists. But they have not finished betting on him, to the point that they would prefer to leave him before continuing in a season where Toni Kroos has many asterisks due to his injury and that Luka Modric has one more year after another summer of defending the colors of Croatia.

The Norwegian has a differential talent and comes from being a star in the clubs that he played on loan, but at Real Madrid they do not see him as an interesting footballer to introduce into the dynamics. They will try to get a good amount of money in this transfer market, it does not seem that a new transfer is an option. The relationship seems to be almost broken.

Nobody understands what is happening with Martin Odegaard at Real Madrid. A footballer with an impressive talent and with qualities to occupy various positions on the pitch, which can be wonderful for a team that has been losing talent over the seasons and that is now very far from having one of the best templates in the world.


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